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While we might provide our 2 servers to anyone that wants to use them; sometimes you just want to have one of your own. We suggest They have been kind enough to help host our high server load. Sadly, the TeamSpeak developers actively shut off hosted servers that are not being paid for. TserverHQ is willing to work with NPO's, will Sponsor large groups, and will beat or match any price in the world for normal customers!

How to get a TeamSpeak Server:

  1. Click here to get your server at half off! (read below)
  2. Select a server size that fits your needs.
  3. Make sure that you select a monthly billing cycle.
  4. On the second step of checkout enter our exclusive server coupon that gives you half off your first month's price. Type: into the promotion code box.
  5. Fill out your REAL information like normal and POOF you are set! You now have a server at half the price for the first month courtesy of

Click here if you are a registered NPO or a popular community looking for sponsorship. is better than other hosting companies for these reasons:

REAL 24 hour support
There is literally always someone in the office. We tested this one time on Christmas day and We received a response in 5 min. Simply amazing. Most companies say 24 hour support but that just means they will respond every day of the year. Most having a misleading 24 hour wait until you get a response.
Live protection
Evidently has dome something that no other voice provider has done. They developed a system that actively blocks incoming attacks to your server. Amazing.
Honest advertising
Every voice hosting company out there have flat out lies on their websites. is the only company I have ever seen that just simply tells the truth, all the time
A proven track record
We spoke with and they showed us the records. In the 5 years they have been in business their up-time has remained above 99.9999994% This is just simply amazing. If it does drop below 99.8% in any given month they will refund your money without shutting off the server!
No server restrictions
Every TeamSpeak 3 server I have ever bought has ridiculous shadow administrators or locked permissions that I couldn't control but should have. TserverHQ is the only one that really does give everything. You get Full SA and get full control of every permission in your server. I LOVE IT!
They Beat any price!
I once found a site run by a little kid and he had his servers for next to nothing but I didn't want to deal with that crap. I then saw TserverHQ's site and they they actually beat his price! HOLY CRAP! It was crazy.

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